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UThink, IThink, What Does Dr. Carney Think?

It is always interesting to learn about the opinions of administrators on university matters. Some of them change their positions from what they said earlier to something different when they get into a position where they can do damage.

OurLeader changing his position on General College is an example of this phenomenon.

So it is interesting to hear what Arlene Carney, our current Vice-Provost, has to say in her campaign to become Provost at the University of Iowa.

The Daily Iowan reports:

Provost finalist touches on legislative funding and scholarships By Ashton Shurson - The Daily Iowan Issue date: 2/29/08

Carney said the first challenge facing higher education today is providing access to students without the ability to pay. Public research universities, she argued, must provide more scholarships to students.

"Receiving scholarships was a critical factor for me," said Carney, who came from a family with a welder father and a stay-at-home mom. "We want to make [less well off students] believe they belong."

Secondly, Carney said public research universities should have student bodies, faculty, and staff that look like the United States demographically.

"All of our students are living and working in a more diverse world," Carney said. "It's our job is to lead them in this world regardless of their backgrounds."

Following her speech, audience members had a chance to ask questions. One asked if there was anything really distinct to Carney about the UI. Carney cited the UI Writer's Workshop and the balance of focus between the liberal arts and sciences and the medical school.

The University of Iowa is apparently looking for a provost who can get along well with students, staff and faculty. Their previous provost is now the president of UConn. Their last president - the one who went to Cornell - was also pretty down to earth.

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