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Ambitious Aspirations, or


Under the leadership of Provost Sullivan, the University community articulated "an ambitious aspiration for the University—to be one of the top three public research universities in the world [sic] within a decade."

Institutions With Newly Elected (2008) National Academy of Science Members

Berkeley 3
University of Texas – Austin 3

Arizona State 2
U Washington 2
UC – Santa Barbara 2

Oregon State 1
Maryland 1
UC – Santa Cruz 1
Indiana University 1
Oregon Health & Sciences University 1
Michigan 1
University of Texas – Southwestern 1
Wisconsin 1

Minnesota has 13 members (total). In the last ten years we have had 2 elected - Professors Tilman and Goldman. Wisconsin has a total of 44 members. In the last ten years they have had 19 new members elected.

"I've heard some of the 'doubters' say things like, 'I'd settle for best in the Big Ten," he [Bruininks] said. "Students don't choose the University of Minnesota for (a) mediocre future."

If this isn't hubris, Bob, I don't know what is. We'd be extremely fortunate to be one of the best schools in the BigTen. Get real. Continuing on with this third best public research university in the universe stuff is an embarrassment and only serves to make you look foolish. Wake up and smell the fair trade coffee.


Mr. B - I think you meant "fair trade coffee", not "free trade ...", right?

Dr. hkl

Thank you Dr. hkl. I did, indeed, mean fair trade and have fixed it.

Mr. B.

Ouch. There's no reason why we should lag so far behind Wisconsin.

Maybe a realistic goal for the UM would be: match Madison. That might be doable and at least it would give us a model. (And having our own dairy herd & making our own ice cream would be a recruitment/retention helper!) :)

I'm with Eve. Wisconsin and Penn State have great on-campus creameries. And I've yet to see any evidence that UMN is better than eleventh in the Big Ten on any measure that matters.

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