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Dean Delaney of the School of Nursing Reacts

From the Pioneer Press Learning Curve:

U dean asks for open mind on double-dipping allegations

Two University of Minnesota professors recruited here from Georgia Tech remain under investigation amid allegations they continued to take paychecks from Georgia Tech while on the U payroll. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is also reporting that one of the profs paid out more than $80,000 in Georgia Tech money to a family member for consulting fees.

It's not clear what will happen, but in a new e-mail sent to students and staff, nursing school dean Connie Delaney is urging U folks to "suspend judgment and permit these colleagues the time and opportunities to address the allegations in the proper forum with appropriate due process. I remain hopeful that they will do so."

The situation, she writes, "is of great concern as well as disappointing for the School of Nursing, the School of Public Health, and the Academic Health Center as we recruited Profs. Sainfort and Jacko actively because of their expertise in informatics and its applications."

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