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Light Rail Redux

This is not a problem that is just going to go away, Bob.

From the Daily:

Gov.'s line-item vetoing puts Central Corridor light rail in jeopardy

The University is studying a possible change to the line's alignment. The Northern Alignment would take the line through Dinkytown instead of Washington Avenue through campus, but it could also delay the project for up to a year.

There are rumors floating around the Capitol that the University wouldn't mind if lawmakers couldn't come to an agreement this year, Hausman said.

And also in the Daily today is a very perceptive letter to the Editor:

Administration failing on light-rail issue

Failing to be persuasive on the field of reason, University administration is enlisting Regents to engage in melodrama over the light rail.

The administration's presentation to the Board of Regents, summarized in the April 14 Daily article, did not mention the overwhelming benefits in safety and health of diverting four lanes of vehicular traffic on Washington Avenue away from the heart of campus.

It also did not present the alternative vehicular routes available for clients of the academic health service.

It is time for University administration to embrace a solution that corrects the serious design mistake of the last century that mixed heavy car and truck traffic with pedestrians in the middle of campus.

Perhaps the new University sustainability coordinator and the College of Design could help them move into the 21st Century?

Les Everett
program coordinator
University Water Resources Center

How about it, Bob?

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