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Morris Chancellor Speaks To Congress


Chancellor Jacquie Johnson addressed reducing greenhouse gas emissions on U.S. college and university campuses

"We don't have deep pockets or abundant resources--just imagination, vision, and resolve. Moreover, we are spending close to home; we are re-investing dollars in rural America."

At least someone knows how to play with the cards she's got...

Because of her commitment to this effort, Morris chancellor Jacquie Johnson was one of three educators to speak in Washington at a hearing of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on the importance of college and university research on clean energy and the activities of college students in fighting greenhouse gases. Chaired by U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar, the April 3 hearing also included Richard Levin, president of Yale University, and Robert Birgeneau, chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley.
"We believe that the work happening on our campus provides a prototype for transforming the future of rural America in a way reminiscent of the Rural Electrification Act of the 1930's. We believe that this on-site renewable electric and thermal generation system not only provides a model for other colleges and universities, small communities, and neighborhoods in the United States, but that it also has great relevance for developing countries--truly a model of global significance."

Apparently there is much of importance to be done outside the realm of "ambitious aspirations to become one of the top three research universities in the world [sic]."

Tom, Bob?

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