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Rotenberg's Reaction To Smoking Email

So this differs from the Zahavy situation exactly how?

Oh, I see, Zahavy was not as good a rain maker...

And Zahavy did it to us, whereas they did it to Georgia Tech.

We are so fortunate to have that moral compass in Morrill Hall. I think it is about time to bring it out into the sunlight for annual inspection.

You say it is broken and you have a problem with sunlight? Bob, Tom?

More Info From the Strib:

U prof's e-mail trail raises questions

By JEFF SHELMAN, Star Tribune

April 22, 2008

A February e-mail from one of the two high-profile University of Minnesota professors accused of drawing salaries from two schools at once described his spring semester schedule at Georgia Tech as "completely full."

At the same time, the embattled professor couple of Francois Sainfort and Julie Jacko, who are being accused by Georgia Tech of double-dipping, had been on the University of Minnesota's payroll for several months and were working full time in new jobs in Minneapolis, university officials say.

The Feb. 11 e-mail exchange between Sainfort and Georgia Tech associate engineering Dean John Leonard, obtained from the Atlanta school through a public records request, does not indicate that full-time work in Minnesota was foremost on Sainfort's mind.

After Leonard wrote that Georgia Tech employees cannot be on the payroll of another organization other than as a consultant, Sainfort replied:

"As a matter of fact, Julie and I have not even signed an employee contract yet with Minnesota. ... We have only agreed to unofficially start this semester with full residence starting in May."

University general counsel Mark Rotenberg said the pair signed employment contracts and were added to the U's payroll in October and were expected to be full time at Minnesota at the beginning of January.

"That e-mail communication is difficult, and we're going to need to understand exactly how that e-mail came to be written and find an explanation to that e-mail, if there is one," Rotenberg said.

Rotenberg said it is very common in higher education for researchers to work at one institution while tying up loose ends at a previous school.

According to a letter from an Atlanta lawyer to Georgia Tech, Sainfort was scheduled to represent the Atlanta school as late as April 10 in a meeting with a hospital executive.

On April 2, the two wrote checks to Georgia Tech for a combined $2,619.36 for travel reimbursement. Georgia Tech sent letters to them regarding tenure revocation on April 16.

Georgia Tech is also believed to be questioning payments totaling $86,000 that the school made in consulting fees to Jacko's brother.

Sainfort and Jacko remain employed by the U, but Rotenberg said his office is "gathering facts and putting the pieces of the story together."

The two were scheduled to begin work in October, their tenure was approved this fall and they were to be in place in Minneapolis in January.

Sainfort is being paid $285,000 by the school and also holds a prestigious Mayo professorship. Jacko is being paid $216,000. The two were offered an additional $25,000 in moving expenses and $39,000 for housing transition. The couple's five-bedroom, six-bath home in the tony Buckhead area of Atlanta is currently on the market for $1.6 million.

Rotenberg said he hopes to get to the bottom of the case within the next few weeks. "I think there are a number of missing pieces here, and we're attempting to gather them and evaluate them as soon as we can," he said.


So this couple, blessed in their knowledge of how to enrich themselves at gullible public institutions, are being compensated by the UM alone in an amount approximately equal to 10 junior faculty lines. We could have hired 10 young hotshots instead of embarrassing ourselves yet again.


Moving expenses and travel allowance alone are more than many people in the humanities make here or in Duluth...



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