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Squeeze out a few more Minnesota students for an additional $4000 a year?


“..managerial strategies designed to pad a school's prestige rather than serve students are craven."

OurProvost made another sortie into faculty territory lately, obviously dazzling those present with his brilliance:

Professor Windsor asked if anyone has done any modeling of the optimum balance between resident/reciprocity and non-resident tuition. Most tuition income to the University at present is from residents or reciprocity students.

They have, Provost Sullivan said, and that is why non-resident tuition is being eliminated. As of the new academic year, a non-resident/non-reciprocity student may attend the University for resident tuition plus $2000 per semester; it is believed that plan will generate increased tuition revenues.

Applications are up, to over 28,000 and the incoming class next fall is the strongest the University has ever seen.

Professor Wambach said that change in tuition structure was brilliant and reflects what students were paying anyway because of tuition discounting.

Faculty Consultative Committee, March 28, 2008

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