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The Central Corridor and The Public Good

Meanwhile, In An Alternate Universe:

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The University of Minnesota Board of Regents will hold its monthly meeting this week at the McNamara Alumni Center, 200 Oak Street S.E., Minneapolis. The agenda includes a presentation on the Central Corridor Light-Rail Line that will include initial findings of a study of the northern alignment that would take the line off of Washington Avenue and run it north of campus.

"Our Twin Cities campus is one of the most transit-oriented communities in the entire state of Minnesota," said university President Robert Bruininks. "From the beginning, we have maintained that however this line is built, it needs to improve our transportation system as a whole. We're eager to see how this northern alignment alternative might alleviate the problems with the Washington Avenue route."

Ah, excuse me, sir...

Where was your voice of outrage over the governor's line item veto on the $70 million for light rail? Maybe you would rather have no light rail than one at grade? I guess it would be a little embarrassing, given the hundreds of millions of dollars that went for the biomedical research buildings? And of course that funding makes it very difficult to complain about things like the badly needed, essential in your own words, Folwell Hall renovation that you placed behind the Bell Museum.

The public good, indeed!

Well now, Bob, you've got a new stadium and four new biomedical research buildings - that's about half a billion dollars. And this is from a state under great economic pressure. Makes it a little difficult to complain about lack of public support, doesn't it? Time to produce. You can be sure that people will be watching. You have promises to keep - thousands of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in NIH funding - and miles to go, before...

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