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Top Pay at The U - Faculty

Some of them actually make more than assistant football coaches:

Cicchetti, Dante $384,851

Kehoe, Patrick James $321,172

Tonry, Michael H $300,000

Chari, Varadarajan V $295,605

Wolf, Susan M $286,400

Kocherlakota, Narayana $277,221

Rios-Rull, Jose Victor $275,000

Rustichini, Aldo $275,000

Kehoe, Timothy J $270,000

Sainfort, Francois $265,000.00

Emma Carew has a nice spreadsheet at the Daily. Unfortunately Minnpost misread it, but I'm sure this will be corrected. They had the top salary listed as $169 K - but that is only for an assistant professor..

[Added later: Curiously they removed the $169K figure but did not replace it with the $385K. Maybe they figured the casual reader might think it was a misprint?]

Also gender equity comes to mind. It appears that there is only one woman on this list. Maybe next year we should raise Julie Jacko's salary to this range. After all, she is a star, so we've been told. And poor Francois Sainfort. If he had this information last October, he could have negotiated a higher salary. When he starts working full time, he can argue for a big raise, too.

[My apologies for being so cynical, but recent events around here have just been too much.]

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