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University Priorities - A Matter of Discipline?


The outstanding university citizen and scholar, Tom Clayton, writes in the Daily today:

I have no personal complaint to make, but I do wonder about the imbalances of the national higher-educational system when it comes to remuneration. It is certainly not true, as has been asserted, that market-driven salaries are inversely proportional to the intellectual and social value and contributions of the disciplines, but everyone ought to regret that the salaries in some fields of IT and the hideously underpaid biological sciences are much lower than those in the School of Management and the Law School. And "CLA" is seriously misleading: there are the social sciences, and then there are the arts and - now what was that panting also-ran? - ah, yes, the humanities, such as languages and literature, art history and others.

Tom Clayton
Regents Professor
Department of English Language and Literature
University of Minnesota

University priorities are also evident in appeals for funding from the state legislature. OurLeader's behavior with respect to the badly needed interior rehab of Folwell Hall makes clear what his priorities are. The humanities are what makes this place a university, Bob.

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