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About Those Ambitious Aspirations, So We Have 45% Adjuncts?

The Daily Reports This Disturbing News


But didn't OurLeader just say (yesterday's Daily):

Bruininks said students feel the impact of the top-three initiative in the sense that it's a "different approach for education."

"In nearly all of our fields, I think students benefit from learning from faculty members who are on the cutting edge of their fields," he said. "It makes the education we provide distinctive and very special."

Note: I am not being critical of adjuncts, having done time as a "non-tenure track" faculty member.

The criticism is directed at OurLeader who on one hand argues that a research oriented faculty will be better teachers.

But on the other hand, the reward for being a good researcher is minimization of teaching duties - the slack being picked up by adjuncts.

You can't have it both ways, Bob.

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