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Surprise, Surprise…

U’s Rail Route Would Fail Federal Scoring, Their Own Study Says

From the Pioneer Press:

The University of Minnesota's preferred route for the Central Corridor would fail to pass — big time — a key scoring index needed for federal approval, according to records obtained by the Pioneer Press today.

The conclusion is contained in an inch-or-so-thick U-sponsored report that took months to complete — a linchpin of its effort to re-route the train off Washington Avenue as it courses through campus linking St. Paul and Minneapolis. A copy of the draft report, "Central Corridor Light Rail Transit: Northern Alignment Alternative Feasibility Study" by SRF Consulting Group, was examined by the Pioneer Press this afternoon.

The jig is finally up Bob.

Time to do the right thing?

Openness, transparency, doing what is best for the citizens of the state - how about it?

Ready to (finally) walk the talk?

Or maybe you would prefer to continue doing the Hillary?

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