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Tuition must be reasonable

From the Rainy Lake Daily Journal

May 6, 2008 - 1:07pm — Journal Staff

Tuition and fees at the U would jump 9.5 percent under a threat by university officials. They say that if Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s budget proposal becomes reality, tuition and fees will increase from the 7.5 percent originally planned to 9.5 percent. Pawlenty’s proposal calls for a cut of $27.3 million to the school’s budget.

We’re disappointed that the U would even propose the 7 percent increase, let alone add another 2 percent along with a threat.

Last year, the U got a 17 percent increase in funding from the state and yet tuition increased by 7 percent.

Richard Pfutzenreuter, a university vice present and chief financial officer said the tuition increases would allow U to “make investments? and “keep the university's momentum moving forward.?

He pointed at Pawlenty’s plan to cut 27.3 million from the U budget, saying, if that happens, something’s gotta give and that’s going to be tuition.

Reasonable tuition increases are understandable. The cost of everything, even education, rises each year. But the level of increases proposed by the U — especially in light of the fact that last year’s allotment, which was much higher than the rate of inflation.

... at the same time, a diploma from the University of Minnesota must remain attainable to most of the state’s kids. That won’t be the case if tuition and fees continue to rise at the rate proposed for the 2008-09 school year and enacted last year.

Why don't we make investments in our students, Pfutz? Which is more important, being one of the third best research universities on the planet or educating the citizens of the state?

Forward momentum?

"Is this a time to be talking about getting into the top three? When units cannot maintain their research capacity, how can they get to the top three? There is little to suggest that the University is on an upward trajectory."

Senate Research Committee, October 8, 2007

Ambitious aspirations, indeed....

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