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Apparently OurLeader Has Recovered From His Recent Health Problems

Back in the Saddle again
Or, Good News, Bad News

Apparently OurLeader has recovered from his recent health problems.

That is the good news.

He is now back in town coincident with the appearance of an opinion piece in MinnPost. From the text it appears that he has not learned very much from his recent experience with the Central Corridor problem, aka light rail, at grade, down Washington Avenue, through the U of M campus.

That is the bad news.

For further information and commentary about his recent opinion piece on MinnPost, please see some selections as well as my commentary.

Welcome back, Bob.

Advocacy is fine. But leadership and true concern for the public good of the state of Minnesota would be even better. What I'd like to hear from you sometime - as would most citizens, according to your own polls - are statements along these lines:

"We have fought the good fight, because we believed in it. But the community has spoken unanimously and the money is simply not available to achieve our dream in this matter. We are truly grateful to the citizens of the state for all that they have given us recently and pledge unequivocally to do everything we can to make light rail on Washington Avenue a success of which we can all be proud."


"True to our land grant mission the primary responsibility of the university is education of the citizens of Minnesota. With their help, we pledge to stabilize tuition and to be one of the top three public institutions in the Big Ten. Students at the University of Minnesota will be provided an educational opportunity that will allow them to compete with anyone. "

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