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Surprise, surprise... U Spending Doesn't Match Student Priorities

A preview of coming attractions from the Daily has appeared.

Daily survey: U spending doesn't match student priorities

By Andrew Cummins

The Minnesota Daily's survey and research department conducted a survey in May regarding student attitudes towards University spending.

A majority of respondents surveyed said the school is working to achieve top-three research institution status at the expense of students.

Among other findings, 65 percent of students said the University's top priority should be fostering quality undergraduate education.

That answer, however, did not fall into the top three responses of what students perceive the University's spending priorities to be.

Check Wednesday's Daily for part one of a two-part series that will include full survey results and reaction from the University community.

We look forward to the gory details.

In the meantime here is something for OurLeaders to chew on. They've heard it before, but they can't hear it enough.

“Some would urge the University to pull back on its land-grant responsibilities.

But at what cost? To save so little and destroy so much? Any short-term gain to research or graduate and professional programs occasioned by cutbacks to the core will be self-defeating. The result will be a decreased level of public support for the entire University enterprise. The University is built on its undergraduate program. If the foundation cracks, the whole edifice is in jeopardy.

Mark Yudof, U of M Inaugural Address

Bob, Tom, what do you think?

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