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The Old Scout Gives Some Advice to Obama, OurLeader MIght Also Find It Useful


The Old Scout Compliments Jesse [sic]

Garrison Keillor (the self-styled old scout) has a column that appears in the Strib and probably elsewhere. GK is a U of M graduate who has always been very supportive of the U. Mr. B. has fond memories of listening to him early in the morning many years ago - when GK was broadcasting up at St. Johns in Collegeville. Another fond memory is GK circulating around in a white linen suit and full beard, this must have been in the seventies. There was an event at Northrup, Arlo Guthrie and maybe his Dad, and at the break GK zipped around with the crowd parting for him. We are so polite in Minnesota and no one wanted to bug him.

So from the Strib (June 29, 2008):

"Play it close to the vest and people won't trust you. True in politics. True in life."

"The willingness to put yourself out there...is what good politicians have in common unlike us writers who are secretive brooders..."

"What's notable about Barack Obama is that he is both: He has the self-confidence, but also the smarts to put himself down on paper."

"Here in Minnesota we are contemplating the fact that Jesse Ventura scores 24 percent in the polls for a Senate race in Minnesota that he hasn't even entered."

"People have been making fun of Jesse for years, me included - how could you not?
The man is an entertainment."

"...what Jesse is saying [about the war] is -- this whole thing is an evil mess brought about by old lying chickenhawks who sent four thousand American men and women to die for a cause that the chickenhawks themselves would never have volunteered for or sent their own children. 'We marched in there, and we can march out' says Jesse."

"Damn, how can you not admire a man who hauls off and talks straight like that?"

"...he knows something about politics that is easily forgotten. You need to talk to the people out there: It's not enough to talk to yourself. Don't sit thinking big thoughts and expect everyone to get you. Don't let your soothsayers and armorers get between you and the people, Barack. Speak for yourself."

Mr. B., another old scout, suggests that OurLeader should also take Garrison's advice to heart. Speak for yourself and speak straight. Don't say one thing and do another. [Light rail] Don't prevaricate. [Is the top three a legitimate goal? Is this a land grant university? ]

Don't disappear and have your underlings do the dirty work. [The double dippers, ethical problems in the medical school, the Victoria's Secret fiasco.]

In the end this behavior only makes you look weak and ineffectual. Just like a bad politician, complete with fancy suit, expensive haircut, and designer eyewear.

Your predecessor was an overweight, balding, pancake-eater. But he was also a straight shooting Texan. Seems to have worked out pretty well for him, last I heard...

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