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A University President Declines A Raise?


What is this world coming to?

From the Lexington-Herald Leader via UD:

Something You Don’t See Every Day

The University of Louisville board of trustees Thursday approved the school president’s request to forgo the triple-digit pay raise or bonus he could have received.

James Ramsey will instead receive a lump sum payment of $700,
the same amount other full-time faculty and staff members are expected to receive this fiscal year, according to U of L spokesman John Drees. The lump sum payment will bring Ramsey’s base university salary to $331,918.

Under Ramsey’s contract, he would have been eligible for a bonus of more than $113,000 for the 2007-08 academic year. But Ramsey asked the trustees not to give him any additional money because of the tight economic times.

The board earlier approved a university budget that includes $6.1 million in cuts.

Leadership does matter. When Ramsey calls for belt-tightening, sacrifice, and cooperation, he should get it because he walks the talk. Don't you think this is a great idea, Bob?



The U of L provost maintains an active link between her office and the broader University of Louisville community through her blog, From the Provost. OurProvost is apparently too busy to do this.


If only overpaid bankers did the same...

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