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A Well Deserved Attaboy From the Pioneer Press

for MInnesota Community Measurement


(Link to this site)

For background, see:

Consumer Tools On the Web
Diabetic Health Care Success Variability in Minnesota

From the Pioneer Press:

Good news! Competition is improving health care in Minnesota!

We refer to the latest report from MN Community Measurement, a nonprofit organization that aims to raise the quality of health care by measuring and publicizing outcomes. Monday, the group released results of diabetes and vascular-disease care provided by more than 300 Minnesota clinics. The standard of measurement is the patient's health. Some clinics were clearly doing better than others. But we're also clearly making progress.

We'll count the ways:

1. The object of measurement is the patient's health, not necessarily a treatment protocol.

2. Competition tends to improve both quality and value. MN Community Measurement encourages competition.

3. It also encourages a re-ordering of priorities. One of the greatest challenges in health-care reform is how to reward providers for their patients' health — not merely for their treatment. The coalition of customers that MN Community Measurement represents is intent on seeing — and exploring how to pay for — the value in optimal health.

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