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How to cut the cost of higher education by 70, 80, or 90 percent...

(With incidental dissing of the Econ department and a jab at the high cost of attending the U)

From ABC news:

OurGovernor, Tim Pawlenty, says:

"Why would you drive from Stillwater, Minnesota, in January an hour in rush hour to get over to the University of Minnesota campus, park in a remote parking lot, strap on your back pack, haul across campus in challenging weather conditions, get into a lecture hall, unpack, sit in a chair and have a sometimes gifted -- sometimes not -- assistant professor, lecture you on Economics 101 when you can’t even pay for it?"

"Why would you not get out of bed, pour yourself a cup of coffee, sit on your sofa, and dial it up on digital storage from any university in the world?" he asked. "The marginal cost of educating a student in a class like that, once it’s up and running, is zero."

"For many of these classes," he emphasized, "we could cut the cost of higher education by 70, 80, or 90 percent."

Bob, Tom, would you like to answer the man's questions? I think we may have a problem here if this is what OurGovernor has to say about the University of Minnesota, don't you agree?


"And to think, I could be home right now watching an econ lecture from Harvard and drinking Peace Coffee. But I am jogging over from Stillwater to the U because the econ department has hired a record number of new faculty members and they are awesome lecturers. I am driven to discover."

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