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News from Beijing

The Pioneer Press reports:

Bachman's CEO stabbed, killed in Beijing

BEIJING — A Chinese man stabbed the CEO of Bachman's Inc. and his wife at a tourist attraction in central Beijing Saturday.

Bachman's is THE place to go for gardening, plants, trees, or flowers in Minneapolis. The Bachmans were accompanying their daughter, a former volleyball great, and her husband, the men's volleyball coach. Mrs. Bachman was apparently injured in the attack. Elizabeth 'Wiz' Bachman was not harmed, at least physically..

Jay Weiner has more details on Minnpost.

On a more positive note a former Gopher volleyball player was successful in her opening match. By an odd coincidence I saw the tail end of this match at the Y while on the treadmill. It was very tense, close, and exciting..

Former Gopher Branagh, partner win opening volleyball match

BEIJING — Former Gopher standout Nicole Branagh and partner Elaine Youngs defeated a team from the Netherlands in their Olympic Opener. The Americans won 2-0, edging their opponents 21-19 and 27-25.


Go Nicole!

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