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Shanghai Ratings (2008) Are Out - Have Fun!


Shanghai Rankings 2008

Although these ratings have been traditionally published on the Web on the 15th of August, something is already up and universities have already started to brag - those that went up in the rankings, at least.

A quick look indicates that according to this source we are the 17th highest ranked public university in the world. Hopefully, this Fall we can engage in a university-wide conversation about where we stand at the University and where we would like to go.

Tom, Bob?

In the meantime:

3 Univ California - Berkeley
4 Univ Cambridge
10 Univ Oxford
13 Univ California - Los Angeles
14 Univ California - San Diego
16 Univ Washington - Seattle
17 Univ Wisconsin - Madison
18 Univ California - San Francisco
19 Tokyo Univ
21 Univ Michigan - Ann Arbor
22 Univ Coll London
23 Kyoto Univ
24 Swiss Fed Inst Tech - Zurich
24 Univ Toronto
26 Univ Illinois - Urbana Champaign
27 Imperial Coll London

28 Univ Minnesota - Twin Cities

Another interesting statistic that someone has gleaned is the progress rate over the last five years of certain institutions, namely those that made the greatest improvements. We might worry a little about our competition (currently) further down the pecking order.


Change 03 08 Inst.

60 154 94 Arizona State Univ Tempe

38 75 37 Univ Maryland College Park

38 130 92 Indiana Univ Bloomington

19 81 62 Ohio State Univ Columbus

Oh, and by the way, Tom...

According to this source, at least, about half of the institutions in the top 100 on the list are in the US, NOT 90 percent. I am not sure where you got this figure?

Why is it important to use the word "world" in the University's new goal?

Ninety out of the top hundred universities in the world are in the U.S. We are fortunate in having the premier higher education system in the world.

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