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US News Rankings (2009) - National Universities

And I'll huff and puff, and I'll blow your house down.

Coming on the heels of our Forbes dissing, some good news. Or is it?

From the US News site:

In our self-selected peer group, we are again last:

1 UC-Berkeley 21
2 UCLA 25
3 MIchigan 26
4 Wisconsin 35
5 Illinois 40
6 U Washington 41
7 Texas 47
7 Penn State 47
9 Florida 49
10 Ohio State 56

11 University of Minnesota—Twin Cities 61

In the public universities of the BigTen we are sixth of ten.

26 Michigan
35 Wisconsin
40 Illinois

47 Penn State
56 Ohio State

61 Minnesota

66 Purdue
66 Iowa
71 Indiana
71 Michigan State

As far as all public universities in the country, we are tied for 21st with Clemson University:

21 University of California—Berkeley
23 University of Virginia
25 University of California—Los Angeles

26 University of Michigan
30 University of North Carolina

35 University of Wisconsin—Madison
35 University of California—San Diego
35 Georgia Institute of Technology
40 University of Illinois
41 University of Washington

44 University of California—Irvine
44 University of California—Santa Barbara
44 University of California—Davis
47 Penn State University—University Park
47 University of Texas—Austin

49 University of Florida
53 University of Maryland—College Park
56 Ohio State University—Columbus
58 University of Pittsburgh
58 University of Georgia

61 University of Minnesota—Twin Cities
61 Clemson University (SC)

Being one of the top schools in the BigTen is obviously going to be quite a challenge for us.

And as far as being "one of the top three public research universities in the world [sic]," I don't think so. The above list does not include places like Cambridge, Oxford, or the ETH-Zurich.


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