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A Question of Priorities

OurLeader spoke at the latest GAPSA meeting and said:

(from the Daily)

“We haven’t been controlling our economy very efficiently,? he said. “I just think we’re headed for a difficult situation.?

Bruininks explained the value of the University and why it should be invested in.

“The history of this University is very much the history of this state,? he said. “I don’t think anybody should put a dime into the University of Minnesota unless we use the money well, we invest it well and that we’re efficient in how we use resources.?

Trees don't grow to the sky, Bob. In times of financial stress, the value of prudent leadership becomes even more apparent. This is hardly the time to be making noises about "ambitious aspirations" or trying to solve our problems by hiring very expensive outsiders who are going to ride in on a white horse and save us.

Do we really need to spend another half mil to advertise the football stadium?

How much has already been spent on the money sink that is MoreU park?

How much money is going to be required to pay the University's share of the four new biomedical research buildings? And to fund new faculty and equipment to make them functional? And where is this money to come from, Bob?

It is time to focus on what should be the number one priority at our land grant university, the education of students - both undergraduate and graduate students.

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