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Burn After Reading, Bob - Debt Free Low Income University Graduates

Now we keep hearing things about how increases in scholarship support will make up for tuition increases...

But the debt load of graduating student is the highest in the BigTen and growing.

Here's an example of one of our competitor's walking the talk, Bob. Note - these students will not be in debt when they graduate. Hint: Maybe it is time for you to go and do likewise?

Purdue Promise:

The Purdue Promise ensures a Purdue education to Indiana students whose families earn $40,000 or less and who meet the requirements of the Twenty-First Century Scholars Program.

Purdue will provide a combination of grant aid and work-study funding that will meet financial need for four years; these students will not have to take out loans to earn a bachelor's degree.

These students also will benefit from academic and social support programs designed specifically for Purdue Promise scholars. The first recipients will start class in fall 2009.

About 200 students a year will be enrolled, and by 2013 Horne said she expects that 880 students on campus will be part of this program.

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