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Caribou Barbie and the Tinkerbell Hack

In the interests of computer security:

A while back, the bimbo of the month, Paris Hilton, had her cell phone account hacked by what has come to be known as the Tinkerbell hack. Tinkerbell is the name of her obnoxious dog.

The idea is that you can get into an account if you know the answer to some question, should you forget your password. There are variations of this. Apparently Governor Palin had her email account hacked by someone who got personal information about her that is public information, possibly through Wikipedia. A currently popular guess is that she used her Wasilla zip code.

So the moral of the story is: Don't use a question whose answer can be readily found. It might be best to use some nonsense word that you can remember. (I know this is a pain and the older I get the harder it is to remember this stuff. But the consequences - to Ms. Palin and PH - should be instructive.)

Please don't be insulted. I know that no one here at the U would do something so stupid. But maybe, somewhere, some governor will read this.

Oh, and if a governor should happen to read this: It is also not a good idea to conduct government business on a Yahoo account.

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