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A Tuition Campaign to Match the Stadium Campaign?


From the Daily:

A state-wide campaign to raise funds for TCF Bank Stadium is currently underway.

Admirable though this may be, in the face of never-ending tuition increases, the University should put a similar effort forth to raise funds for tuition.

If everyone in Minnesota gives a buck for the stadium and a buck toward tuition, the University would still be $2.9 million short for the stadium, but could pay 510 students’ in-state tuition this year. If everyone in the state coughed up a shiny green Abe Lincoln, that number goes up to 2,550, or half the freshman class, or the equivalent of putting $730 back into the pocket of every undergrad on campus.

University President Bob Bruininks told The Minnesota Daily in a summer issue that he’s “somewhat disappointed that we didn’t have the ability to drive down tuition more for students.?

The audacity of the above comment has previously been the subject of a post on the Periodic Table:

There He Goes Again...
Rappin' Robert

Wherein it is noted that OurLeader had no intention of a lower tuition figure, even BEFORE his requested budget was cut...

Bruininks should advocate that private fundraisers like the University of Minnesota Alumni Association undertake similar public efforts to lower tuition as they are for stadium fundraising.

The Alumni Association lists “High quality public education is essential,? as its first belief. If that’s really the case it should be peppering the state with tuition, instead of stadium, billboards.

The University was created as a land grant institution, a place for the students of Minnesota to receive a college education. We urge the University to appeal to the people of Minnesota in similarly creative and energetic attempts to keep tuition increases to a minimum next year.

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