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Ethical Problems in the Medical School

There have been a number of posts on this topic over the years on both the Periodic Table and the Periodic Table, Too.

Yesterday I put up a post that was taken pretty much from an MPR report.

Regulating Doctors on the Dole at the University of Minnesota?


To my great surprise, this post received a large amount of traffic - about 400 hits. My blogs are generally pretty low traffic, 100 hits is a good day, so this was quite a surprise.

Turned out that the traffic was due to the site of cursor.org, wherein a link was embedded in the following paragraph:

"If we went out on the street and told people some of what went on, they would be shocked," says a journalism professor who describes himself as "the most outside outsider" on a University of Minnesota medical school conflict of interest task force.


More on all of this later. Bill Gleason

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