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President Bruininks: The U was initially chartered as a research university...

From the Daily:

What's distinctive about the University of Minnesota, compared to many other universities in our society, is that we were chartered initially as a research [sic] and land grant university, if you look at the early history of the University.

You would have to go a very long distance to find a university anywhere in the world that cares as much about its education and its public mission as the University of Minnesota.

It recognizes what's distinctive about the University of Minnesota, and it puts on us the extraordinary obligation to integrate all parts of our mission.

And I would argue, in my own particular case, that the other parts of our mission that deal with education and the public responsibilities, the public mission, would be very, very high personal priorities for me.

And they are very much baked [sic] into the cultural values of the University of Minnesota.

And so, the increased the recognition of the quality of the University of Minnesota and quality of education people received is a direct reflection of that increase interested. As people become more interested they are becoming smarter consumers and they wanna know 'what do I get for my investment if I come to the University of Minnesota?'

The other thing I would say is that we have used tuition dollars and state support. We have taken those dollars and invested those to improve the quality of education for students

In the last, basically, 160 years this University has evolved into, you know, one of the most recognized and productive research universities in the country. That's part of its signature. That we discover knowledge, we create knowledge, we find new ways to apply what we learn to improve society.

There may be some technical difficulties with this Daily piece. It was supposed to be a series of questions that Bob answered. What is posted now may be truncated. If further information appears, there will be another post.

For now - at the very least - I think that President Bruininks has misconstrued the original land grant mission of the university and would invite him to step outside Morrill Hall and have a look at what is on the facade at Northrup:

The University of Minnesota

Founded in the faith that people are ennobled by understanding

Dedicated to the advancement of learning and the search for truth

Devoted to the instruction of youth and the welfare of the state

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