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Time to Walk the Talk?

So the general consensus seems to be that we should not try a big increase in tuition in these troubled times. That certainly seems to be the message from the State Legislature.

And yet we have these odd rumblings about how a new Bell Museum would be a wonderful opportunity and a refurb of Northrop is on the horizon. The Bell money is supposed to come (mostly) from the State Legislature, but apparently the U is confident that it can find the seventy million dollars to do the job at Northrop. Why that, plus the fifty million spent on EFS, would just about cover the requested one hundred and forty million. As Mr. Spock used to say: "Interesting."

Today the Daily reports a Minnesota Student Association effort to get the message across to the University Administration that affordable education for the citizens of the state of MInnesota should be THE first priority. Is anyone listening in Morrill Hall?

The resolution passed in Tuesday’s MSA forum is in favor of instituting a cap of a 5.5 percent total increase that would expire in two years.

Currently, tuition at the University is set to increase by 4.5 percent next year. A request for a $141 million increase in funding from the state Legislature is still pending.

The resolution states that “due to the recent economic collapse, tuition and the cost of education has become more threatening to students than ever before,? and because of rising tuition costs, action was needed.

MSA President Mark Nagel said he thought it was a great resolution.

“I think it’s one of the more substantive resolutions that MSA has passed the entire time I’ve been here. It really goes to the heart of the most major student concern, which is tuition,? Nagel said.

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