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Whining Dinosaur Dissed - Should Stick to Children's Stories?

From the Daily:

University laboratory medicine and pathology professor Bill Gleason has a blog titled “The Periodic Table, � where he regularly posts blogs criticizing University strategies and President Bob Bruininks.

Gleason has been involved with the University since the ’70s and has been a professor since 1992. While he said he loves the University, he regularly writes about how the administration has mixed up its priorities by pushing top-three research facility goals.

“And where exactly would ‘ambitious aspirations to be one of the top three public research universities in the world’ fit into that, Bob? This goal is inappropriate for a land grant university under severe financial pressure,� Gleason wrote in his blog.

Strong stuff? Not according to the Daily:

But Gleason’s “Periodic Table� is about as controversial as a children’s story compared to the “Pharyngula � — a blog belonging to Paul Myers, who is a biology professor at the University’s Morris campus.

Gulp! PZ is a hard act to follow!

(My idol, Margaret Soltan of University Diaries, also notes the Daily piece. )

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