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Bob Bites the Silver Bullet

[Note added 19 November. This post has been cited in Higher Ed.]

I was feeling a little sorry for OurLeader when I read in the Daily last Friday that:

Bruininks announces salary freeze

BY Michael Langseth
PUBLISHED: 11/16/2008

University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks announced a salary freeze for the University’s senior executives, including himself, at the Board of Regents meeting Friday.

However, it develops that my sympathy for OurLeader was misplaced, at least judging by an article in the Wall Street Journal today that places him in the upper echelon as far as pay goes for university presidents at public universities.

Lucrative Posts

Public university presidents with the highest compensations, including salary, bonuses and various benefits, 2007-2008


Also from the WSJ:

The latest survey on college presidents' pay showed most of their salaries continue to climb, as families struggle to cover tuition bills and congressional leaders scrutinize higher-education finances.

Patrick Callan, president of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, a think tank based in San Jose, Calif., said that over the longer term, college presidents have been "disproportionately rewarded" compared with faculty and other employees. "I think these people should be fairly compensated," he said, "but I think we have gone a little bit overboard."

Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance committee, said pay raises for college presidents, like tuition increases, regularly outpace inflation.

I think that I will save my sympathy for U of M clerical workers. If you really want to serve as an inspiration for belt-tightening around here, Bob, maybe you should take a salary cut* of say, five percent? That's about what the average clerical worker here makes in a whole year, isn't it?

*UD approves of this suggestion in her post, appropriately entitled "Damage Control."


Nice! We made it into the Top Four public universities list in something thanks to Dr. Robert.

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