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Go Thou and Do Likewise, Bob?

From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

November 21, 2008 Presidents of Washington U. in St. Louis and U. of Pennsylvania Are Giving Back

Two university presidents who are among the highest-paid campus leaders in the United States announced this week that they would be dipping into their bank accounts to benefit their institutions.

Citing tight finances, Mark S. Wrighton, chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis, said today that he would cut his own salary next year by 10 percent.

In an e-mail message distributed to the campus, Mr. Wrighton said that while the university has strong overall financial health, its endowment has taken a 25-percent hit since July. The university’s holdings were worth $5.7-billion last year. Mr. Wrighton said he anticipated a “significant reduction? in the spending rate from the endowment in the next fiscal year.

The salary trim will be made in two 5-percent cuts, effective in January and July of 2009. According to The Chronicle’s new study of executive compensation, published on Monday, Mr. Wrighton’s total compensation in 2006-7 was $738,242.

Note that OurLeader's reported compensation for 2007-2008 was $733,421. I have suggested elsewhere that a cut of five percent would be appropriate for OurLeader. This suggestion has been cited in both the Chronicle and the Star-Tribune.

How about it, Bob? Let's demonstrate a little of that Gopher spirit some place other than in front of Twin City Federal Stadium!

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