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The Daily Concurs, I Guess It's Ten Percent, Bob?

Don't hold your breath!

From the Daily:


Presidential pay cuts

PUBLISHED: 11/23/2008

Because the University is unlikely to get much of their requested funding from a state that’s facing a deficit, our leader’s foregoing a small portion of his $733,421 worth of salary and benefits would set a symbolic message to faculty and staff who may be unwilling to cut spending.

University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks should cut his own salary by at least 10 percent to set a sacrificial example to the rest of the University community.

University leaders around the country have already begun to set the standard at their institutions. The president at Washington State University, Elson Floyd, voluntarily cut his salary by $100,000 due to budget problems. The list goes on, but one thing is clear: University and college leaders understand the significance of their sacrifices and our president should follow in their stead.

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