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Damn the torpedoes,

full speed ahead.

From MPR:

Area physicians say on-campus booze sends wrong message

by Tim Post, Minnesota Public Radio
December 10, 2008

St. Paul, Minn. — A Twin Cities area physicians' group wants the University of Minnesota to delay a decision on whether to sell alcohol at several venues on campus, including the new Gopher football stadium.

The West Metro Medical Society is asking the university's Board of Regents to allow more time for discussion and public comment on the proposal.

It would allow fans in premium seats, such as private suites and club rooms, to buy alcohol at the new TCF Bank football stadium, Mariucci arena and Williams arena.

Jack Davis, CEO of the West Metro Medical Society, said his group is concerned that serving alcohol on campus sends the wrong message.

"This has gotten to be such a huge public health issue that we have asked them to make this decision more deliberative and delay it for six months," Davis said.

The board of regents is expected to vote on the proposal at its meeting on Friday. President Bob Bruininks has recommended the board pass the proposal.

So let's see... The U is pushing an all-campus ban on tobacco - that includes outdoors, folks - for health reasons. But alcohol on campus is ok? Lord love a duck. And then there is the question of who gets to drink the alcohol if it is allowed on campus. Deny it to those underage? No, deny it to all peons sitting in the cheap seats, even if they are well past drinking age, they will not get beer.

Because of course we have to have some perks for the high rollers.

Bob, I don't know how you can say the words: Great public university. Sad.


Really all about the revenue (buck) isnt it?


But even if it is, they may have made another miscalculation.

There's the money we could make on beer sold to the peons, versus the money we can make on expensive seats with perks.

If they guess wrong they are in trouble.

So why not do the right thing? At least that is a defensible position to take no matter what happens.

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