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Money Overboard?


I feel your pain...

UD notes the rush to lighten the load by many university presidents in a piece entitled: Watch Them Scurry.

Therein, she cites an article from the Princeton student newspaper. After giving examples of the donations made by numerous presidents lately, the paper notes the Bruininks-like response made by president Shirley Tilghman, who makes about what Bruininks makes - $750 K. UD translates the adminspeak into: "None of your effing business."

A quote I've cited earlier ends the Princeton piece:

“People are getting tuition increases; some faculty are facing layoffs — it just doesn’t look too good for presidents, no matter how capable they are, to be getting so much money,? said Pat Callan, president of the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, according to the Times.

“Americans have had a touching faith in higher education; it’s losing its good image with the public,? he added…

It has been interesting to see OurLeader, kicking and screaming, dragged into compliance when he finally realized that he had no other choice. This is not called leadership. Good leaders recognize the inevitable, plan for it, and follow through. Symbolism is also important - think pancakes, think "I feel your pain."

Bob? Your serve.

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