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Time to Put The Head Back On and Get Off the High Horse?


Or we have no money, therefore we must think.

To my amazement, OurLeader continues merrily along with things like:

(From MPR)

by Tim Post, Minnesota Public Radio
December 5, 2008

Education could take a big hit
during budget deficit

The University of Minnesota is planning to ask lawmakers for more than $200 million in new money to fund an increase in salaries, prop up scholarships, build a new natural history museum

Has OurLeader lost it?

An intemperate rant about this may be found on the Periodic Table. Some concrete suggestions are made there. OurLeader asked for suggestions at a Senate meeting last Thursday, where he apparently demonstrated that he is quite the comedian. I see a future as Jay Leno's replacement or perhaps a gig at Mystic Lake?

I doubt that he will take the suggestions mentioned above seriously. He has his own agenda, let the peons eat cake and drink Coca-Cola. No beer for them. And until he is dragged kicking and screaming back to reality, this kind of arrogance - or being without a clue - is going to continue. The light rail situation is an excellent recent example of his leadership.



I'm amazed -- I teach at a metro MNSCU school... our leadership is already asking us to figure out ways to save money in anticipation of a huge 'give back'. Our deans are warning us that we may have to cut sections and telling us about the 80s when they made some really nasty moves to avoid paying benefits to adjuncts...

and this bozo is asking for MORE money... wow.

Philosopher Prof-

I absolutely agree. It is as if these folks live on another planet...

The MNSCU administration makes our leadership look foolish and greedy. I am sure this will be recognized at the state legislature. Unfortunately the hardworking students and faculty at the U of M will be the ones who suffer for our administration's arrogance.

Time for a change?

Bill Gleason

Hey, lots of money in being Leno's replacement, although not leaving now.

Hi Dennis -

Nice site! How did you end up here from Virginia?



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