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The Conflicted Authors of the University of Minnesota's New Conflicts of Interest Policy

Dr. Roy Poses, in his excellent blog Health Care Renewal writes above the above topic. For an overview of the current medical ethics quagmire at Minnesota please see his post.

An excerpt:

Finally, it turns out this is not the first time Dean Powell has made an appearance on Health Care Renewal. In 2007, we posted about how in addition to serving full-time as medical school dean, she has a part-time position as a member of the board of directors of PepsiAmericas, raising concerns about conflicts of interest. (See those raised by the director of the public health school's obesity center.) Although Powell suggested that her position on the board would be to provide "knowledge about obesity," she was not hired by PepsiAmericas as an obesity consultant. Instead, as a board member, her main duty is to protect the financial interests of the share-holders and the corporation as a whole. Were she really to mainly function as a "voice for nutrition," she would be violating her fiduciary duty to her share-holders, a duty, by the way, for which she her total compensation was $130,651 in 2007 (see this 2087 proxy statement).

Health Care Renewal is a very popular blog. To date there have been about half a million visitors and the site averages about three hundred visitors a day. "Sunshine is the best disinfectant."

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