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Driven to Discover: How to save $521,000?

Simple – no more (useless) Driven to Discover television advertisements

Today the Medical School Dean sent out a blanket email that included a December 12, 2008 memo from VP Karen Himle.

“…in 2007 the University (excluding Athletics) spent over $1.9 million on paid media. This includes television, radio, magazines and newspapers and the internet. Driven to Discover television advertising during 2007 totaled $521,000. University Relations has canceled television expenditures related to the Driven to Discover campaign effective January 1, 2009. I encourage you to assess advertising expenditures in your own areas to determine whether they too can be discontinued.?
Karen L. Himle Vice President, University Relations

Finally, something has been done about the incredible waste of money that is Driven to Discover.

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