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From the Department of Better Late Than Never - OurProvost Wants to Have a Conversation


What took you so long, Tom?

OurProvost does not have a great track record in the conversation department.

For background about his previous (lack of) activities in the area please see:

Conversations With The Provost

Are We Ready For A Conversation Yet?

And of course the sad tale of OurProvost's aborted attempt to start a blog for the purpose of discussing the glories of the Strategic Propaganda Initiative (as a colleague called it) can be found in the post:
University of Minnesota Provost Launches Blog, Hold That Thought...

Sadly, OurProvost just didn't have the time as his spokesperson put it.

Oh well, as the community organizer Saul Alinsky often pointed out, sometimes people do the right thing for the wrong reasons. I understand community organizing is in right now, Tom.

Provost Sullivan invites faculty, staff, and students to join him in a discussion about the University's academic mission in a declining economy. This is an open forum to listen to your suggestions and discuss ideas. If you are unable to attend in person, you are welcome to participate electronically: Visit the Economy and the U website the day of the event for details.

Thursday January 29, 2009
101 Fraser Hall, East Bank

Co-sponsored by:
Faculty Consultative Committee
Office for Student Affairs
Minnesota Student Association
Graduate and Professional Student Assembly

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