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Interesting... Part 1. Some Pigs Are Still More Equal Than Others?


Senate Committee on Finance and Planning
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Professor Martin asked if the economic situation would slow down the plans for the Academic Health Center building projects.

They are part of the conversation, Dr. Cerra said. They have funds for a significant percentage of the 180 faculty who would occupy the new facilities, and the question is whether they can set priorities in light of the possible budget cuts so that most of the lines are preserved. He declared that the University cannot cut, cut, cut, cut, cut or it will simply be a smaller place with the same problems, so it must make strategic investments. The University has decided the biomedical sciences are a priority so they are moving ahead.

From Higher Ed:

Researchers at the University of Rochester School of Medicine & Dentistry found that the cost of supporting newly recruited scientists costs an additional 40 cents over every dollar these new faculty generate from grants. While colleges may grow in prestige by expanding their research base, they’re likely to dole out more money in start-up packages and other benefits for new faculty than they bring in through grants, the study asserts.

Something to keep in mind, President Bruininks, Provost Cerra, Mr. Pfutzenreuter?

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