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OurLeader's Response to The Governor's State of the State Address


"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt."

Governor Pawlenty made a few pointed, but indirect, remarks about the University of Minnesota in his address recently.

OurLeader has responded. From his press release:

Despite deep state budget reductions, the university has made education more affordable through new tuition reforms and extraordinary increases in scholarship support.

Bob, your statement simply isn't true. If tuition and living expenses rise at a rate higher than the rate of student aid, then net cost grows. This is called mathematics and not wishful thinking. If you really didn't make any money by raising tuition because of aid increases, then what would be the point of raising it? This is called economics and it is not wishful thinking either.

I have pointed out on numerous occasions that our record, relative to our peers, is a disgrace as far as the debt load upon graduation and the graduation rate itself.

Claiming that the graduation rate is increasing is not good enough. When my son graduated from high school, the four year graduation rate at Minnesota was 28%. He went to Arizona and graduated in four years. When the baseline graduation rate is lousy, improvement is easy, and perhaps not to be bragged about. Maybe a little shame over our pitiful job in the past is more in order?

Facts are facts and denial is not the answer.
I remind you once again of the Kiplinger data. For once, I'd like to hear you publicly admit that we have a problem here. Continuing to ignore it is going to destroy your remaining credibility.


(For a related post that makes clear that OurLeader's statement is an attempt to re-write history, see: From the Department of Better Late Than Never... Recent history is there reviewed which seems to contradict OurLeader's statement above.)

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