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Board of Regents to Regents Professors

Sorry there is nothing we can do....

I guess it is hard to say no to the CEO of the year!

From the Daily:

Every day the number of Regents professors who have signed the letter asking to postpone the Graduate School reconstruction rises. The Board of Regents, however, will not be acting on their request.

In an e-mailed response to the Regents professors, Board Chair Patricia Simmons said the reconstruction is not something the board can make decisions on, although they do understand the professors' concern over the administration lack of transparency over the reconstruction.

"This item was presented to the Board for information and not for action, as it is an administrative reorganization and not an action that ends programs," Simmons said. "We recognize that consultation has been a hallmark of this University for many years and especially so for those leaders - the faculty, the administration, and the Board Regents - who share governance."

President Bob Bruininks and Senior Vice-provost Tom Sullivan told the Board of Regents Friday they intended to contact the regents professors directly, Simmons said in the letter.

As of Tuesday night, 23 Regents professors had signed the letter to the Board of Regents.

In total, there are 27 current Regents professors, 16 of whom have now signed the letter. Seven retired Regents professors also have signed.

It is difficult to believe that a resolution by the Board of Regents requesting proper consultation on this matter would not serve to wake up OurCEO and OurProvost.

There are eventually consequences for not walking the talk on openness and transparency. The gag refliex starts to kick in for most folks. Or maybe OurAdministration doesn't have a gag reflex?

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