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Graduate Schools - (Grad) School’s Out

Comments on Higher Ed about the coup at the U:

Graduate Schools need to do a better job of explaining what they do both internally and externally. Most colleges and universities realize that the administrative functions they undertake are NOT reduplicative. And above and beyond these administrative functions, a successful graduate school raises money for and distributes fellowships; advocates for the importance of graduate education both to university constituents and the outside world; and works with individuals and groups of students, both those who excel and those whose careers are in trouble.

Money-hungry collegiate deans think they will benefit if they can carve up a graduate school’s budget. The deans at Minnesota are going to find that they have taken on headaches, and the U of Minnesota’s students are going to find themselves adrift.

The provost’s memo to the university community discusses other institutions without graduate schools: they are small, rich, private universities. At other universities and colleges, graduate schools fulfill crucial roles.

David Williamson, at 6:15 pm EST on February 12, 2009

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