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Hasta La Vista, Graduate School


Or, Let them eat... Administrative Policy

I thank a reader for pointing out to me this interesting document:


Administrative Policy

Administrative policies are system-wide institutional directives that mandate requirements of, or provisions for, members of the University community, including procedures to assist with their implementation.

Policy Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Policy Advisory Committee is a standing committee of University administrators authorized by the President's Policy Committee (PPC) to work in partnership with the policies owners to review the policy plan to ensure policies are needed and aligned with institutional mission, goals, and priorities; review subsequent policy drafts to ensure policies are concise, consistent in format and scope, and easy to understand; and to make recommendations for action to the PPC. The PAC meets on a bimonthly basis, and consists of the administrative policy director (chair), and representatives of each of the executives on the PPC.

Policy Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Policy Advisory Committee reviews policy plans to determine if the criteria for administrative policies are met, that the policy statement and reason are clear, and that the plan for implementing and maintaining the policy is sound; reviews policy drafts for clarity and consistency; provides recommendations to the PPC as to whether or not a policy should move into the public review state; and provides regular updates to their respective executive officer and share feedback as appropriate with the PAC.


Procedures are a series of consecutive action steps related to a policy that specifies how a particular process should be completed. Procedures include information on who, what, when, and where of the policy.

Reason for Policy

The Reason for Policy is a statement on the policy that describes why the policy exists (i.e., mitigates institutional risk, supports institutional mission and values, meets legal or regulatory requirements of the policy)

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