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Medical School Ethics is Not an Oxymoron...

The Daily has duly noted the latest twists and turns in the ongoing saga of the U medical school's attempts at reform. This has been the topic of numerous posts on this blog.

See "Exclusive: Medical School Moving Toward Softer Reform"

OurLeaders seem to think that just because we are in fly-over-land that no one will notice the continuing shenannigans. Au contraire...

Margaret Soltan, one of the premiere academic bloggers in the US, has posted on the situation. From her post entitled: "UD's No Montaigne"

… but over the course of writing this blog she’s come to some tentative conclusions about some basic human motivations.

Many of the, er, troubled university people UD follows on this blog share two defining motives:

1. Greed
2. Status.

Greed’s straightforward, although the depth of greed many of these people exhibit startles UD. No dollar amount is enough, and they seem willing to ruin their lives, and undermine the integrity of their university, in search of more.

Status is a little trickier, but it’s basically a gnawing need to feel that they belong to exclusive groups with access to information other people don’t have. Scroll down to a recent, typically pathetic example: Ex-Speaker Sansom.

Or think of the thousands and thousands of fools at Florida country clubs and Manhattan hideaways desperate for access to the exclusive inner circle of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC.

You can watch - if you have a daily blog like mine - university reforms wither on the vine because of greed and status.

See, for instance, how administrators and professors at the University of Minnesota medical school, even in the face of national scandal, do everything they can to resist reductions in money and status.

There follows an extensive cut from the Daily article ending with the striking:

"'If a doctor in the community can’t go to a prestigious public university like Minnesota for continuing education programs that are free from industry sponsorship, then where can she go?' he [Gabriel Silverman, American Medical Student Association Scorecard director] asked."

UD concludes:

They say that as people are dying, their hearing is the last thing to go. For the - let’s continue calling them troubled - university people UD follows on this blog, the last thing to go is greed. Greed will be their valedictory, their epitaph, their message to the world, as, out of one job after another, they wave goodbye.

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