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OurCEO faces the music for stompin' on the Graduate School



Faculty Consultative Committee
Thursday, February 19, 2009
238A Morrill Hall

2. Discussion with the President

Professor Hoover welcomed President Bruininks to the meeting. The primary focus of the hour-long discussion was the decision about the Graduate School, both process and merits; secondarily there was discussion of budget issues. The President concurred in general with the Committee view that the consultation process should be improved. It was agreed that the President could ask to join the Committee at any of its regular meetings to discuss major decisions being considered, or that Professor Hoover would call a meeting of the Committee on short notice if needed. The Committee and the President also agreed that some discussions about possible decisions would need to remain confidential, others would not, and some decisions could occupy a middle ground, allowing for a short comment period.

Professor Hoover noted that the Committee had sent the President a letter expressing its deep dismay at the complete lack of consultation with faculty governance on a matter of enormous importance, the future of the Graduate School. The letter also expressed concern both about the implications of the decision for graduate education and for the reputation of the University as well as for the future of faculty governance at the University.

As noted numerous times before, the tendency of this administration to shoot first and ask questions later is quite disturbing. Is faculty governance, too, an oxymoron at the University of Minnesota?

But I guess that for people of a certain age, stompin' is irresistable...

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