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Reconfiguration of the Graduate School Without Appropriate Consultation is a Violation of University Policy

I believe that OurCEO has seriously overstepped his authority in the re-organization of the Graduate School.

From Establishing Administrative Policies:

Effective: June 1995
Last Updated: February 2008

Responsible University Officer:

* University President

Policy Owner:

* President


The University of Minnesota (University) establishes administrative policies to align operations, set behavioral expectations across the University system, and communicate policy roles and responsibilities.

Administrative policies may be established if they:

support the University’s mission and strategic positioning goals;

apply institution-wide;

impact a substantial number of the University population;

promote consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness and/or mitigate or manage significant institutional risk; and

derive from the authority of Board of Regents Policies, including specific delegated authority to manage the institution, or comply with federal or state laws, rules, or regulations.

Policy Framework. The President is responsible for establishing administrative policies by means of a comprehensive and strategic framework that provides:

a means for determining the need for administrative policy;

a consistent, transparent, and inclusive development process;

an identified authority for approving administrative policy;

a mechanism for regular review of policy need, compliance, and effectiveness; and

a consistent policy format and accessible electronic policy library.

Expedited Process. Policy owners may request a more expedited process from the Chair of the President’s Policy Committee (PPC) through the Administrative Policy Director. Special situations where this is likely may include a change in federal or state law, a significant and immediate financial opportunity, or a major institutional risk.

According to the administrative policy development document found in the Appendix:

The process must include consultation and posting of a draft of the proposed policy for 30 days during which comments may be made.

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