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Shut your mouth, go away...

Bruininks responds to letter from Regents professors


From the Daily:

University of Minnesota President Bob Bruininks personally responded Tuesday to the Regents professors’ letter requesting the postponement of the Graduate School reconstruction, but he will not be considering their request. In the letter obtained by the Daily, Bruininks does not specifically respond to the request, although he does acknowledge the professors’ concern over the University’s lack of consultation before making the decision.

Instead, he focused on the positives the administration believes the reconstruction will achieve, such as an increase in spending efficiency.

“The provost, endorsed by all the Twin Cities collegiate deans and senior academic officers, felt this plan had the best chance of accomplishing a number of important goals of the University of Minnesota,” he said in the letter.

Or as the classic song goes:

Shut your mout', Go away

Mama, look at boo-boo dey

Shut your mout', Go away

Mama, look at boo-boo dey

(I couldn't find it on Utube, only the PAIN version, which is not safe for work.)

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