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The Engineer of Transparency - OurProvost - Speaks His Mind


Tom Sullivan, the system's provost, says he favors the proposed policy change out of a belief that "a very important part of our universities — particularly our public universities — should be transparency," which is lacking where employees do not feel free to speak their minds.

This is pretty humorous given the transparent way in which the Graduate School was recently snuffed...

For details see: Balance of Power, in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

For a slightly different spin on the situation, please see:
Trust Me, I'm a Lawyer.


The decision to terminate the Graduate School was made in violation of the U of M's own administrative policies. (See the February 15 posting on this blog entitled "Hasta La Vista Graduate School." Follow the link to Establishing Administrative Policies and scroll down to Administrative Policy Development Process in the Appendices.)

The Process includes consultation and posting the draft of the proposed policy for 30 days for a public comment period.

If the members of the faculty fail to assert a formal challenge to the failure of the senior administrators to follow the procedure for major policy decisions, then the faculty will have only themselves to blame when The Terminators (aka Bob & Tom) take even more drastic steps on a unilateral basis.

Michael W. McNabb
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