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A Conversation With OurProvost: A Non-Apology on Your Unbirthday?


A friend's reaction to our backpedaling Provost:

"I regret that misunderstanding." (Not "I regret the action taken.")

"We all also are committed to ensuring this restructuring . . . will be accomplished."

An "apology" by OurProvost for the failure of others to understand him is not an apology.

The value of an apology without remedial action is ZERO.

If the Administration was serious about meaningful consultation, then it would rescind the decision on "restructuring" the Grad School and submit its proposal in accordance with the official Policy on Reorganization.

(Notice that there is nary a word about the Policy in the message of OurProvost.)

The only "consultation" offered in the message is limited to the implementation of the decision already made by the Administration.

If the University Senate does not force the issue now by taking formal action, the Administration will continue to make unilateral decisions and then utter platitudes about consultation.

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